Rebbecca’s Story

Let me start by saying “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24).

My name is Rebbecca Townsend and I recently turned 50 years old. I am 2 ½ years clean, saved and redeemed by God’s Grace!  I am a mother of two children and have two grandchildren and have my mama who has never stopped praying for me, Praise God!

Growing up me and my sister had everything we could have ever wanted and more. My mama and daddy took us to church.  I even went to Christian schools. But my life, because of my choices, has not always been that good.

I started on the road to destruction at 9 years old when my aunt gave me my first sip of beer.  From that point forward give or take a few years, I started trying marijuana and speed and anything anybody would give me.  I would be at church on Wednesdays and Sundays and doing drugs every other day of the week.

At about 10, I got saved but I didn’t know what being saved really meant. And I definitely didn’t live like a saved person.  As a teenager, I was wild and ran with the wrong people and crowd.  I stayed in school and actually graduated high school.  The next year I got pregnant, married and had my daughter, who because of my habits, was raised by my mama. My now ex-husband abused me physically, mentally and emotionally.  I used all of my problems as a reason to use drugs.  I stole to support my habit from anybody I could get something from.

A few years later, my daddy was diagnosed with brain cancer.  I would call and get his meds refilled so I could have them.  The next year he passed away and I used his death as an excuse to go further into my addiction. After that I went to a secular rehab only to find more people to use with. Sometime after that I got baptized and my mama told me I went down a dry sinner and came up a wet sinner.  And she was right.  I did NOT know Jesus.

A few years after that, my best friend in life, my sister committed suicide.  I was devastated, but eventually, once again used her death as an excuse to stay high. Not long after, I met my son’s father.  I got pregnant, used drugs and had my son.  He is mentally ill because of my poor choices and my mama is also raising him.

Once again, I went to a secular rehab and was kicked out because of my rebellious behavior. That left me homeless, hopeless and all alone with nobody.  Everyone had given up on me even myself.  So I decided that I was going to be a drug addict forever.  I would just lie, cheat and steal and stay high until I died.  I hit rock bottom when my mama told me she could not help me anymore.  I had to figure it out on my own.

I ended up in jail for the 3rd time facing charges that should have sent me to prison.  While in jail, waiting to go to court, I met a lady who told me about a place called Haven of Hope (Mission of Hope for women).  She prayed with me and told me I should go.  So, I told her if I didn’t go to prison I would go.  I went to court and only by God’s grace and mercy, my charges were reduced to a misdemeanor and time served and I could go home that day.  The only problem was that I had nowhere to go.  I had hurt everyone who ever loved me or tried to help me.  This lady told me her sister would bring me to Fruitdale, Alabama.  So, I kept my promise and walked through the front door of the Haven of Hope on March 5, 2018.  They provided me with everything I needed free of charge. I was met by the sweetest, kindest people ever.  They truly cared and it showed. While in the program, I was saved and baptized, but this time I meant it and my heart was changed forever. I completed the program.  I stayed after graduation and stepped up and eventually became head house mom and God told me to wait and be patient. So, I obeyed Him and I am now a Program Manager with Mission of Hope at the Taylor House Campus.  Now I am the person that gets to meet the ladies at the front door and show them the love that was shown to me.  I now have healthy relationships with my mama, my daughter and my son and grandchildren.

NONE of this would be possible without Jesus because ALL things are possible with Him.

TODAY I wake up with joy in my heart.  TODAY I pray that somebody, somewhere hears my story and sees that there is hope because like I said before God told me to wait patiently so I have found that a person who is patiently waiting is a person who still has HOPE!