Kristan’s Story

I spent so many years lost in my addiction simply because I was born into a family of addicts.  I thought that was how life was and that no one would really care anyway.  As a child it left me broken. I felt as if I would never be good enough. It felt as though I was cursed. I was in fear I would grow into adulthood doing all the wrong things simply because that’s all I had ever known, all I had ever witnessed and experienced.

As I got older, I wanted so badly to break those generational curses that were handed down to me.  On December 5, 2019, through divine intervention, I found my way to Mission of Hope.  Since being here, I have turned my life over to God and He has truly healed me from all of my past pain.  He continues to free me from my strongholds.  I  now serve at the Taylor House where I reside with my daughter and am House Mom to women that enter Mission of Hope’s program. It’s such an honor to get to live in a better environment and experience things like Bible time and prayer, be a witness and example to ladies that come just like I did.  It is just an all around safe and structured space. It blesses me.

I am so thankful that Jesus rescued me and made available a place for me to go where I could not only get to know Christ, but build a deep relationship with Him as well. Thank You Jesus for saving me!!!!