Your Faith Can Give Hope

The signs of the times indicate Jesus will return soon.

Global elitists are no longer secretly meeting in far off places planning how to rule the world; they are broadcasting their meetings and intentions openly for everyone to see.

Talk of a global digital currency is more than talk.

Artificial Intelligence is bursting into the workplace with reckless abandon, despite notable leaders sounding alarms.

The current administration’s policies have weakened the value of the dollar and pushed our country into financial uncertainty.

Nations are at war or jockeying for leverage as they anticipate war.

This world is passing away. Surely, you see the signs, too.

It takes faith to live in times like these, doesn’t it?!

Faith to believe God is still in charge. Faith to push back the fear and live with glorious hope. Faith to trust God will supply all our needs.

Some people, like Jenna, are facing these challenges with greater difficulty.

Jenna had only one number left to call, and she was finding it difficult to breath.

“What if this place won’t help me, either?” she worried.  She closed her eyes and tried to make the thought go away. The rejection from five other rehabs were leading her to a conclusion that was almost too much to bear.

Jenna began to cry. “How will I ever get her back?” she blurted out as the emotions overwhelmed her. The losses from her drug addiction were great. First her job, then her best friend, followed by her parents pulling away, and now she had lost her daughter.

She looked into her bag. Chapstick, three dollars and some lose coins, maybe a change of clothes. She checked her phone. Only a handful of minutes left.

Jenna glanced at the piece of paper in her hand. Five rehabs scratched out. Only one option was left. As she read the name, she wondered, “Is there hope for me?”

Your faith can give Jenna hope!

Jenna has no money, no insurance, and no one to help her but you.

I know. The world is a mess, uncertain times are ahead, but to be pleasing to the Lord, we must live by faith (Hebrews 11:6).

It takes faith to give in times like these.

Now is not the time to shrink back in fear and sit on everything we’ve got. Now is the time to invest in the advancement of the good news of Jesus while we still have time. While the lost still have time to believe and repent.

Recently, a couple demonstrated their faith through a $20,000 matching gift.

“We’ve been volunteering for more than ten years at the Mission of Hope, and we have witnessed the results. We’ve seen how you stretch every dollar, so it makes a difference in the men and women in the program,” the husband said. “We believe now is the time to invest in this faithful ministry.”

This means your gift will be matched up to $20,000!

For 52 years, the Mission of Hope has been 100% donor funded, as loving people, caring churches, and compassionate businesses from our community have given hope to women like Jenna through their financial support.

Jenna’s picking up her phone…she’s taking a risk by using her remaining cell phone minutes…she needs hope for the chains of addiction to be broken.

Your donation will demonstrate your faith and give Jenna hope!

With your support, we will answer Jenna’s call. We will tell her how you have removed the barrier and she can come without fee or charge. We will give her tissues to wipe the tears from her eyes. She will be ushered into the love of God and introduced to Jesus, our living Hope! He will offer her salvation and freedom.

Please, act in faith and GIVE NOW.