Lindsay’s Story


My parents divorced when I was two years old. When I was four, my innocence as a child was taken from me. The brokenness would last throughout my growing-up years.

It left me feeling unworthy and I felt like I was never good enough.

My single mother worked a lot to provide for us and the long work hours kept her away from home much of the time. The lack of attention coupled with my brokenness caused me to start acting out when I was eleven. By the time I was twelve, my mother needed help so I went to live with my father.

When my father told me something it meant, “You better do this.” I stopped acting out as much but it was tough going through the teenage years without my mom.

The brokenness and feelings of being unworthy continued and at the age of sixteen I was diagnosed with depression.

The doctor prescribed antidepressants which helped a little. Then, I started smoking marijuana as a Senior in High School while taking Xanax. I liked how these drugs helped me forget about all my issues.

My drug use got out of control just before I started dating a guy I really liked. He also used drugs and alcohol. A short time later I became pregnant, which motivated me to stop all drug use. My first son was born in May 2004. It was the best feeling in the world!

My son’s father did not stop using drugs and drinking, and the relationship didn’t work.

My depression kicked back in and I was introduced to methamphetamines. Within six months, my family would call DHR on me. I was devastated, as my son was taken from me to live with relatives in Georgia. It took me two years to complete a court-ordered employment and housing program to get my son back.

Then I met the sweetest, most respectful man I have ever known. Over the next five years Chris and I dated. He treated me and my son so well, and we got engaged. In March 2013 our son was born! Life could not have been any better.

Three months later, it all changed as policemen came to my home to inform me that Chris had passed away at work. He worked for a cable company and had a heart attack while hanging a line. The day was so surreal. I couldn’t believe what had happened.

The pain from the loss was so much that I turned to drugs for relief right after the funeral. My life would spiral down and I lost custody of my two children. I was on the most destructive pattern you could imagine.

My sister begged me to get help, so I went to a place in 2013 but when I finished, there was a life insurance check waiting for me. I didn’t want to feel or live and you couldn’t tell me anything. That check propelled me into a deeper addiction.

My family had to withdraw from me in my destructive behavior and I turned to the ones who were no good for me.

I spiraled downward for seven years until my mom brought my son to visit me. My son asked me to get help. He could not watch me do this anymore and he wanted me in his life.

I entered the Mission of Hope in March 2023 and I was saved two weeks later!

I gave everything to God and it was an immediate relief. Hell lost another one and I am so grateful for the Mission of Hope! God broke the chains of addiction in my life.

God has restored my family to me, they are back in my life. Thank you everyone for helping me! My family and I are so grateful!


Those who support the Mission of Hope made Lindsay’s story possible!

They provided her with hope that her chains of addiction could be broken.  Their donations gave her the help she desperately needed through the Mission of Hope.

There are many other men and women, like Lindsay, who need help now.

You can give hope and help to someone like Lindsay today and make their story of finding freedom through Christ a reality!