WOW, the Banquet SOLD OUT!

If you reserved your spot before September 12th, you are good to go and should be looking forward to a great evening!

If you missed out, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and our website for stories and updates on the ministry.'s that vision in our mind's eye of a better future. It's that feeling of joy that comes when we actually believe what we long for will soon become our reality.'s the boost that elevates our minds beyond our circumstance and the motivation that moves us forward.

No one can live without hope.

Hope keeps us from giving up, throwing it all away, or checking out.

There's no place like hope!

Men and women come to the Mission looking for hope! It's the reason you partner with give them the hope that their chains of addiction to be broken through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Come to the Banquet and hear how your support has brought the hope of the gospel to hundreds this year, broken the chains of addiction for men & women, renewed marriages, restored fathers and mothers to their children, and more!

There's no place like the Mission of Hope!

An Alumni will be at every table to share their story during the meal, making this a truly unique experience!

These are the stories that make our combined efforts worthwhile!

If you've supported the Mission of Hope in any way the last two years, you owe it to yourself to see the impact of your prayers, volunteerism, and donations.


Hear stories of God's deliverance and restoration from men & women who's chains of addiction have been broken!


Ignite Worship from the University of Mobile will provide music and lead us in singing praise to God.


Local Chef and Mission of Hope Supporter, Rob Stephens, is catering an amazing two-entree meal for our enjoyment.

The Banquet Sold Out!

Saturday, September 16
The Ballroom at The Grounds, Mobile, AL
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

There's No Place Like HOPE!

This event is SOLD OUT!

Registration is required. Tickets for individuals and couples may be purchased below or by mailing a check to:

Mission of Hope, P.O. Box 8504, Mobile, AL 36689
Please note on the check "Banquet Ticket(s)"

Individual Tickets
Individual Tickets

Tickets are $25 per person

Couples Tickets
Couples Tickets

Tickets are $50 per couple