Children of Hope Tree

   Allow me to tell you what makes the Children of Hope Tree unique from every other “angel tree” you know about. The majority of our clients come to the Mission with their family relationships extremely strained, broken, or non-existent.  When you send your $50 contribution to sponsor a child on our tree, our “elves” take our list and shop for all the children. The toys are then organized by age and category, and then placed on tables. Our clients come in and “shop” (at no cost, of course) for the perfect toys for their children. Our clients wrap the gifts, write their own card, and present the gifts to their children on Christmas visitation day. This goes a long way in restoring broken relationships. When these men and women come to our program at Christmas time, it is so hard for them to be away from their families, and the worry of not being able to work to buy their children gifts is a very real burden for them.  Once they hear about our Children of Hope Tree, their concerns go away, and they are able to focus on getting the help they need and finishing their program here. It really is a win-win for everyone. YOUR sponsorship does that, as restoration is taking place. Please help. And if you can’t contribute, please help us spread the word. Thank you so much!

   You may ask, “How can I participate?” You can purchase a $50 gift card from WAL-MART or if you would prefer sending a $50 check or cash, you may do that as well to the address below. Just make sure that your donation is well marked– CHILDREN OF HOPE TREE. We can also charge your credit card, but you’ll need to contact Jamie in the office at 251-649-0830. Your sponsorship is tax-deductible, so make sure we have all your personal contact information if you want tax credit. 

Mission of Hope Ministries

Attn:  Jamie Kirkwood

14970 Mission Rd.

Mobile, AL  36608